Census of Population and Housing, 2011
Census of Population and Housing 2011 - CPH2011

The Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) has started planning activities related to the next Census of Population and Housing.

The census which is to be carried out in 2011 will be the 14th scientific census of the country.

The DCS, with the intention of improving completeness, quality, and timeliness of the data/information gathered in the forth coming census is planning to adopt various new and emerging technologies in the whole census process.

Methodological changes
The DCS is planning to adopt methodological changes in the census operation, where needed. Major changes proposed are as follows;
  • One of the major changes proposed is the change in the method of enumeration to be taken up at the CPH2011.

  • It is expected to use contemporary data capturing technologies such as Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) at the forthcoming census.

  • Conduct an eCensus in selected areas parallel to the census field enumeration.

  • Use Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) to code occupations and respective industries of individuals based on Sri Lanka Standard Classifications of Occupations (SLSCO-08) and Sri Lanka Standard Industry Classification (SLSIC - Rev 4).

  • Use on-line editing technique to edit census data.


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